Predictive maintenance

One of the latest frontiers in modern industry is the integration of all disposable information from manufacturing processes by networking machines data through the web (IoT).

Our systems can be equipped with the latest IO-Link sensors, multi-Ethernet gateway to the PLC, WebServer functions for mobile SCADA.

Industry 4.0 is a revolutionary trend affecting every industrial process in the future five years. We are front runners in innovating traditional hydraulics with energy saving solutions, as variable speed inverter drives, and with predictive maintenance features.

Within this entirely new environment of connected machines, the Industry 4.0, we are developing the hydraulic system to match the comunication network.

Together with danieli research center, our modern R&D department, we are currently implementing cheap transducers and local data collecting devices that can actively monitor the drift-over-lifetime of physical parameters related to the wear of hydraulic systems (i.e. drain flow, pump temperature, oil contamination type,..).

By matching this information with hydraulic diagnostic models we have gathered from our service experience, we can anticipate severe damages to the hydraulic components, helping an active maintenance planning to minimize the process downtime and the costs for repairs.